1 Minute with Lewis - Head Honcho Chuck Burger

Lewis (Head Honcho, Chuck Burger) joins us for 5 minutes to get behind the Chuck Burger brand and also how to make the best homemade burgers! Let’s go!!

Where did Chuck Burger begin?

Chuck began in 2012 after a few trips across the pond in the years prior, we wanted to bring back some of our favourite dishes to a much deserving London. The burger scene was exciting and I loved the idea of producing something very simple in the best way possible.

What got you into cooking?

I can’t even remember a flashbulb moment but had always been helping in the kitchen at home. Then began as a trainee at 15 years old and worked in kitchens over the years. But really caught the cheffing bug when in my early 20’s I moved to France for two years to learn the trade.

What were you doing before you started Chuck?

Directly before chuck, I was the owner and publican of my pub, the Duchess in Battersea, a beautiful free of tie boozer overlooking the power station.

The Chuck menu is obviously big, hearty burgers and sides but what would you say is your favourite dish to cook at home?

At home, I tend to hit the farmers market and cook with the seasons but also like to browse through cool books and have a go on recipes that tickle my pickle. My favourite recent books that have made it onto the coffee table: Dishoom, bento power and Noma a guide to fermentation.

For those reading this at home, what's a Chuck Burger secret they can use to make their homemade burgers better?

Most good burger ingredients can now be bought in a supermarket. I’d recommend: Buy a fatty beef mince, 20% fat, coarse grind, don’t season the mince, just form into loosely pressed patties and a bit of seasoning on the outside whilst cooking. Don't be afraid of smoke in the kitchen, a pathetic home extractor won’t ever cut it! So, embrace the smoke and open the windows, use an iron pan, get some heat in it to achieve that caramelised crust on your beef patty. Flip your burger only once, add the cheese of choice and create a cloche with another frying pan thus creating a sweaty oven to help melt your cheese. Let it rest once cooked for a couple of minutes.

You've brought a lot of vegan dishes into play lately (which are delicious btw) can you tell us your thinking behind this?

We all get it, there’s more to life than meat! It’s a great time to explore a more meat-free life. With a wide expansion of alternative and especially substitute ingredients it’s been an enjoyable journey to create new dishes that carry the ethos of chuck in a new, but parallel direction.

Lastly, if you were on Death Row, heading for the chair, what would be your last meal?

Well, I'll choose America as my valid death row country, so whilst it might be a bit cliche, I think I’d go for surf & turf: lobster, steak and chips!